Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A Lament


There is no Prince among the bees

Who would bravely fight the seas

And rescue the Southern Breeze

Whom the sea has held captive

So they sing their mournful song

To send to forest where flowers throng

Honeyed blooms can’t linger long

They fall to the ground with souls restive


We are the honey bees

Forgotten by the Southern Breeze

North Wind’s leading us astray

We have all lost our way

To your fragrant home

To fill our own honeycomb



*In the Sunderbans the honey bees are obstructed by the unfamiliar cold North Wind to proceed further into the forest. The bees take the help of the South Wind (still there’s no sign of it) rising from the Bay of Bengal to fly deep into the forest of The Sunderbans to collect honey.


  1. I've heard about the bee's troubles...sad, but appropriate metaphor for human devastation...

  2. And without the bees, we would be starving in about a year! We must be the prince who comes to the rescue. If only we still can. Thank you for this sweet, bitter sweet focus, letting the bees speak.

  3. Sumana,

    Your poem concerns a very serious situation with the honey bee. Here in UK, there have been an increasing shortage of bees each summer. Some disease has been wiping out them out, each year..Very serious as you relate in this moving poem. We need a miracle and soon..

  4. I hope the south wind shows up soon to assist them. Bees are having a hard time everywhere. Such a beautiful poem, Sumana. Thanks for letting us know of their plight. Let us know what happens!

  5. Bees all over the world are in grave danger. It is not just honey they provide but the fertilization of millions of others in the plant kingdom.

  6. The poem gives a different perspective on the bees highlighting their plight and its high time we noticed and do something.

  7. The bees, like us are in peril. You wrote of this beautifully Sumana.

  8. I appreciate the glimpse into nature's perils and challenges Sumana ~ I hope the bees find their way where the flowers throng ~

  9. Oh, this is so very sad, Sumana. I worry very much about the plight of the honey bee. Your poem gives them voice.

  10. this was lovely... nice flow in the rhyme... painted a beautiful gentel picture

  11. Climate change causes havoc around the earth. The plight of the honey bees you describe, Sumana, is a symbol for all the other wonderful things in nature we take for granted and which we are risking losing. Great to see you at Poets United!


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