Tuesday, 19 May 2015

2 AM


Thus Spake The Gita


When the weary eyes

Of householders

Are fast closed

At 2 AM

The Yogi’s eyes

Are ever awake


Are the only light

In the darkness


The path

To God


Is it?

May be….must be…


Posted for dVerse Poetics


  1. It is a good thing our gods dont sleep and the way to heaven is always lit.

  2. It is so very peaceful to think that the Yogi is watching over humans as they rest.....keeping the light on, leading the way!

  3. Yes. This is very peaceful.

  4. Our Gods always seem to leave the light one for us. Excellent thought in that! Hayes Spencer is Kanzen Sakura

  5. God always has a light... smiles

  6. There is a hesitation or skepticism in that last line that I read in the ellipses. Odd, but that's what I like most about this poem.

  7. Some doubt about faith is so human, & yet "must be" needs to be uttered/thought, for there are spiritual forces in the Universe that carry the Truth, the keys to the kingdom. There are those among who claim to "know", that have no "doubts"; oner day beyond the veil, we'll meet them again & compare notes.

  8. The guidance of god is what hold us all.

  9. I think the important the is that we believe the gods are awake.. Love that doubt in the end though. I think we need that too.

  10. There is comfort in knowing that the whole world is never totally asleep and that some keep the faith, or so we hope.

  11. Yes.. the eyes of Yogis.. never sleep in darkness.. are wide awake in repose.. of always recovering in light that never grows old..
    a spirit living forever.. in mores of now.. a life of
    love that is strong yet never attached to death
    of knowing love only grows
    death of other
    than living life..:)

  12. yes! the yogi's and the eyes of God, always watching. :)

  13. Faith in a path sounds good to me...a way to live..nice..

  14. I love how in the first part you speak with complete assurance, but in the last 2 lines, you bring in a sense of questioning and doubt.

  15. I had to come back a few times to grasp your lines, starting long, and strong, then, that fading. Do we need the eyes to remain open, or in hoping so, are we no longer responsible for our fate at all? A philosophically fascinating piece.

  16. Transcendent depths in these few words. A very thoughtful write.


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