Wednesday, 6 May 2015

From a daughter

goddess Durga: source

I look at you

Your dedication to spin love

To form yarns of warmth

Wrapping our olden days

The image of goddess Durga*

Comes to the mind     

When I think of you

We saw only two hands

You had surely hidden the other eight


Always flows downwards

We wouldn’t have believed it

If we hadn’t seen you

What are mothers made of?

Sunshine, Manna and pilgrimage



*Hindu goddess with ten hands


Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~Honoring Our Elders @ Poets United


  1. Mothers certainly have many hands and how we worshiped them, our homes, our lives and all love radiated from them.

  2. Its a beautiful tribute to you from your daughter..! I loved the way how she compared you to Durga Maa.. it must be a huge honor for you! :D It shows her undying love towards you. :D

    Lots of love,

  3. OH! Wrapping our olden days, our aging and our memories, in what she created invisibly. How completely beautiful! And I note, when you get specific to your own mother, you give a poem that speaks to many. And I know a golden poem like this is not created without pain. Thank you! I must share this poem.

  4. Love this last line : "Sunshine, Manna and pilgrimage" ~ words of respect and love to mothers! ~ Beautiful poem!

  5. maa Durga's love flows for all and she always protects her children:)

  6. great dedication with Mother's Day, in the states, around the corner

  7. Beautiful to honor your mother this way. Her loving hands, at least 8 invisible, loved you well. Nice that you've joined the team at Poets United Sumana. I look forward to your prompts!

  8. Hidden hands and hidden eyes...
    Mothers always seem to have extra hands and the biggest hearts - as you know from your own mother.
    So excited for you as you join Poets United!!!

  9. How beautiful, Sumana. "What are mothers made of? Sunshine, manna and pilgrimage". Absolutely stunning.

  10. I also really love "Affection always flows downward." Beautiful.

  11. Beautiful! Mothers are surely like that, encompassing us with invisible hands, protecting and comforting with endless love...:-)

  12. Mothers always seem to have many, many hands; and mothers are never too busy to impart sunshine!

  13. A fitting tribute ~ your central image of Durga works so well to show a mother's love.

  14. Sunshine, manna, and pilgrimage. To me, these three describe my mom as well: sunshine (she's so social); manna (she's the center of empowerment); and pilgrimage (she's forever going to church on Sundays for her and our whole family's sake). What a lovely poem!!! thanks!!!

  15. Sumana,

    We have followed the same path, in reflecting about our mother's role and impact upon our lives. Never enough hands to do all that was asked! I like the Goddess Durga, for her abilities to encourage help.. It is wonderful to know you are taking a new role at Poets United; really delighted Sumana:)


  16. Sunshine, manna, and pilgrimage. YES. The light to nourish our young souls, the wisdom fed to us by those two hands still seen, and presence in our lives as we begins our own journeys. This is lovely. Saw you at Poets United! Amy

  17. A beautiful ode to mothers :)
    Well written! :)

  18. The best mothers must surely be made of this...beautifully written Sumana

  19. A lovely homage - and just in time for Mother's Day. Wonderful!

  20. Yup, mothers are just like that. Her lap - the most secured place, Her hands - the most protective ones...anything and everything pereceived to be a bug, she will redirect to ensure her child's happiness. Beautifully penned!

  21. A lovely poem, Sumana. A goddess that reflects the many-handed bounty of a mother, looking after her children...


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